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The Perfect Pour??


I am making a podcast.

The focus in each of my Podcasts will be a single beer, hence the name:

 “Beer in the Spotlight”

My intention is to sit down with brewers in and around my local area

and taste and discuss their beer.

Each Podcast will be approximately three minutes,
and will be featured on the excellent beer geek podcast called

The Perfect Pour”.

If you are a brewer this is an excellent opportunity to

talk about one of our favorite things, your beer.

Talking points will include:

- Type and/or style of beer

- A quick review

- Who/What/Where was your inspiration for the beer?

- What Other beers does it remind you of, if any?

- Give insight on upcoming projects.

Contact me, I will come to you with my portable recording equipment

and record the episode(s).

In a normal session we could do multiple beers,

spending a few minutes on each one.

This will result in your brewery being the subject of

the Podcast multiple times!

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